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As a self-taught botanical cosmetic alchemist with a penchant for wildcrafting, foraging and trees, I began CULT-ivating my passions knee deep in plant matter: tincturing, fermenting, blending, grinding and macerating in my treehouse.
After years of consistently hormonal, inflamed and irritated skin, which only exacerbated pre-existing anxieties, I set out on a collaborative journey with nature down rabbit holes so to speak, to seek more than average pore-deep refinement. 
I experimented by modernizing and supercharging traditional recipes in the hope of harnessing the qualities and intelligence of whole plants, roots, trees and stones for both their physical and metaphysical properties. After consistent daily rituals feeding my disconnected skin and mind and creating a deeper bond with mother Earth I noticed, simultaneously, that my mind began to lighten and skin, brighten. 
Friends proceeded to immerse themselves in treehouse dispensed nutritious micro-batches and after numerous apprenticeships, research trips, experimentations and shelves filled with raw, alive and unrefined ingredients bubbling in glass jars, Cult of Treehouse was born: a multi-use family of super natural and androgynous hero products to balance, harmonize and restore.