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Like the archaic methods of long ago, we use the term alchemy to initiate an understanding of the ritual of the process: a level of respect, mindfulness and passion from the nascent beginnings of dreaming up a recipe to when you open the bottle, inhale and begin your own ritual at home. 
We want to create an experience for you, using trees — with their earthy woody resinous scents — as our strong foundation to provide a little ancient wisdom so as to feel, smell and perform like a walk through a forest.

Our Process

We take our responsibility as stewards of the planet seriously, which is why we strive to work harmoniously and symbiotically with it. Our process is a gentle balanced dance between sustainable plant growing folk, ethical eco-driven producers and our own proprietary solar extracts and essences slowly drawing out the potent nourishing full-spectrum compounds and energies from whole plants, resins, seeds and stones.

High Vibe

We only use high vibrational (high vibe) ingredients, which means our ingredients vibrate at a higher frequency because of how they have been sourced, cultivated and nurtured: with minimal processing and gentle handling. 
We formulate our products so that the active botanicals and concentrated actives work symbiotically with the energies of stones and trees in the form of ‘essences,’ to therapeutically stimulate the mind and body.

Super Natural

All of our earthy elixirs are nutrient-rich with an array of antioxidants, complex essential fatty acids, polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. We only use bioavailable and unrefined whole actives to retain the myriad of complete phytonutrients that work together and we believe should stay in tact. Far more beneficial for the skin than focusing on ‘trending’ isolates. 

Moon Made

All of our treehouse made essences and root, resin and plant extracts are made on a full or new moon. The tree leaves and crystals are charged with the light of one full or new moon while the botanical extracts are made in 6 week cycles. All of our water-based essences and elixirs contain alchemized full-spectrum restructured and magnetized water to restore its optimum natural energy flow.


We only use dark violet UV light filtering glass for all of our products to not only protect the precious and sensitive nature of each ingredient but also to keep them potent and fresh for as long as possible without additional preservatives. Glass is also a much more sustainable and benign material. We encourage the reuse of the bottles or alternatively, send them back to us for an incentive. Our boxes are made with environmentally conscious and socially responsible FSC certified paper as are our tissue paper and stickers. Both are  printed with soy-based ink and are acid-free.

No Dark Matter

All of our products are free from what we classify as ‘dark matter’, including, but not limited to synthetic fillers and fragrances, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, petrochemicals, refined oils, mineral oils and are always hexane, pesticide and GMO free. We never use mutated or overprocessed derivatives, any unnecessary additives or any other ingredients that could compromise the potency of the live products. 

Each ingredient has been carefully considered to be as effective as possible without harming the skin’s natural and slightly acidic microbiome (or acid mantle) maintaining a pH of between 4 and 5.5. 

Branch Out

Trees Bark! We need forests for soil irrigation, oxygen and biodiversity. If we take we must give back. And we are grateful to the trees for allowing us to bottle their healing properties, their energy and allowing us to use them as part of our packaging. So for every Tree Healer sold, we will plant a tree. In branch-nership with ONE TREE PLANTED.
“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” 
John Muir